Our trained sales reps will assist you in getting the best rates available.

How long will it take for my telephone number to be switched?
It should take approximately one week for your phone number to be switched to the DCC Long Distance Plan.

Is this plan good for large volume users or business?
Positively! All your calls will receive our special low rates - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have T-1's, e-mail a request for quote.

How is the DCC Long Distance Plan billed?
Each month, beginning about 30 days after the date of your order, long distance charges are billed to the method of payment selected by each member. Your call detail and end of month statement will be available online. To view your bill, go to the Member's Area and click the "View Bill" button. If you have additional questions, please contact us at 1-866-330-4322. You will be billed for all lines you signed up under your account, on one bill, using the method of payment you submitted with your last order. Do not enter lines of friends, etc. unless you plan to pay for their calls as well.

Can I see my previous months' bills?
Answer: Yes, you can view all your prior bills. Just go to our Member's Area and click "View Bill". Then use the previous bills button to view earlier months bills.

Can I get local service too?
At this time local service is not available, but keep watching for new service offerings.

Are there any sign-up or installation fees?
There are no sign-up or installation fees for the DCC Long Distance Plan. Your local telephone company may charge a fee of approximately $5.00 per line to change your long distance carrier selection. This fee may appear on your local telephone bill as a PIC Change Charge. You may receive a credit on your DCC invoice to reimburse you for this charge. To qualify for the credit your lines must remain active on our service through four invoice periods. Refund requests must be submitted within six months of your original order together with a copy of your local telephone bill indicating a fee charged, and should be mailed with copies of the charge to: DCC 270 South Main Street, Flemington, NJ 08822

Are all phone numbers eligible for service?
No, telephone numbers outside the continental United States, pay phones and cellular phones, or numbers that do not use long distance, are not eligible for service.

How do I sign up more than one telephone number?
When you sign up there is a button for additional phone numbers. Click this button and add as many lines as you want on your account. If you are already a Member, go to the Member's Area and select the Add Additional Lines option.

Who is DCC?
We are a continuously growing nationwide Integrated Communications Provider. Our primary focus has been on our customer's telecommunications needs and servicing those needs.

Why Choose DCC?
We Commit to the Highest Quality of Service at the Lowest Possible Price. We offer our customers personalized service and discounted rates, while maintaining quality and reliability.

Do I dial any extra numbers to call long distance?
No, just dial 1, the area code and the phone number you want to call.

What are Universal Service Charges?
The Universal Service Charge will be assessed to your monthly charges on your long distance bill. The Universal Service Fund was created to insure that telecommunications services are affordable for rural schools, libraries, and health care facilities. DCC is required by the FCC, as a long distance provider, to contribute to the Universal Service Fund based on the billed revenue of our customers.

What are Presubscribed Line Charges (PICC)?
These charges are a FCC Mandated, per line, charge for mulitiple business lines that will appear on your monthly DCC bill for customers with more than one phone line. This charge is a result of legislation and FCC decisions regarding access reform. Access is the ability of a customer to access a carrier's network. This access is provided by the local telephone company. DCC is billed, and must pay, a per line charge for each of our customers to their local telephone company. This is a charge which must be paid each month. Our customers will be billed not on how many calls they make a month, but on the number of lines they actually have in their business. We appreciate your selecting DCC, and will continue to work on your behalf to minimize the impact of these new regulatory charges.

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